Portrait/Story #16: Megan

I work at Revelation, it’s the music venue based at St Mary’s Church just behind us. I’ve been here nearly two months. I’m from Canterbury.

Do you have a particular memory of working in Ashford, or a place in Ashford, which is important to you?

Well, to be honest it probably states the obvious with where I work, but it is working actually at the church. I’ve already done a couple of events and they were incredible. Um, completely – the atmosphere in there, ’cause it’s a church environment that’s been adapted as an event venue, and the acoustics in there are incredible. You stand there and actually you’re completely in the moment. When I left one of the concerts and just walked around here I got chills ’cause you could hear the concert from out here – you can hear them down the High Street. I think it’s just an amazing thing to brighten-up and really make Ashford a vibrant town.

And has there been a particular musician or artist that’s inspired you?

I loved it we had an ‘Amazing Kent’ Concert with lots of local bands. We had Gentleman of Few, the Galleries and George Ogilvie, and it was just incredible just to support them – because they’re all new, they’re all upcoming and they all have dreams of, you know, really making it in the music industry and it was great to help them with that.

-Megan Cork

It was great to meet Megan, the marketing coordinator at Revelation, to hear all about what an impact working at this incredible local venue is having on her. We thoroughly recommend going to a Revelation gig and checking out that special atmosphere for yourself! To find out more about their exciting summer programme visit http://www.revelationashford.co.uk


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