Portrait/Story #18: Dave

Do you have a place in Ashford, or a memory, that’s special to you?

Let me just try to think really – I mean, all of my friends are from Ashford. I was involved with local football so I know a lot of people through local football. We used to have a pub team many years ago, so – yeah – so that was really enjoyable.

Which pub?

Used to be, well it’s still going, it’s called the Blacksmith Arms in Willesborough.

Do they still have a football team?

No, not now unfortunately. We used to practice on a old farmer’s field, right on the corner of where you go into Hinks Hill. So, there’s kind of a dividing line between Willesborough and Hinks Hill and it was right on the corner. So, eventually the farmer wanted his lands back so we had to find a council pitch, but – that’s going back many years. Blimey that’s going back about 40 years. They used to have an old railway wagon and they used to use that as changing rooms. They had someone put it there – obviously a big artic lorry – they dumped it there and then they divided it into the two sections for the two teams to change. But obviously it’s all gone now. I think it’s – the last time I saw it I think they were growing maise. Yeah, because one of the guys who used to run it had connections with Hinks Hill farm so he got permission to use the land so – but then obviously that changed… bit of history!

-Dave Lemmon

Thanks so much to Dave for sharing his football memories with us. It’s a pleasure to document these small but important fragments of local history, getting to build a picture of what’s special and important about Ashford as told by the people who live here. We met Dave outside Mr Doodle’s temporary Park Mall studio – another Create Platform event – which is just incredible! Definitely drop by… and when you do, make sure to say hi to Dave too!


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