The Humans of Ashford performance on Sunday 23rd July was a huge success and we could not be prouder of the group who created, rehearsed and performed the show within the space of 2 weeks!

The rain stayed off all morning and lunchtime, and we gathered a large crowd of approx 60 people – from toddlers to elders. Everyone enjoyed the bubbles, puppetry and talents of the group… here are some of our favourite audience responses:

Amazing! I can’t quite believe you put something of this quality together in such a short time. It was an outstanding achievement. The creative future of Ashford is safe in your hands!
– Audience member, female, age 50-69. 
Fantastic! So creative in showcasing the diversity of Ashford.
– Audience member, female, age 18-29. 
I can see that your humans had been welded into a tight unit that had really poured heart and soul into the whole production.
– Audience member, male, age 50-69. 
Excellent. The cast was amazing.
– Audience member, female, age 18-29. 
Positive and honest […] It focused on people’s real lives, which are always the most interesting stories. 
– Audience member, male, age 30-49. 
A MASSIVE thank you to all the people who have support us in making Humans of Ashford happen – and of course to our fantastic cast. Here’s to many more theatre projects in Ashford! 



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